Best Translated Book Award 2013 announces

Award for the best translated book 2013 has been announced. The prizes for best English language translation went to a collection of Romanian poetry and to an experimental Hungarian

Laszlo Krasznahorkai’s (LAHZ’-lo krahs-na-HOAR’-kay’s) “Satantango,” translated into English by Georges Szirtes (ZUR’-tes), bagged the Best Translated Book Award for fiction.

Nichita Stanescu’s (neh-KEE’-ta STAH’-nes-koo’s) “Wheel With a Single Spoke,” translated by Sean Cotter won the poetry section award. Both the author and the translator will receive $ 5,000 as prize money.

The winners for the award were announced by Three Percent, a resource for international literature based at the University of Rochester.

The project is named as Three Percent because only 3 percent of books published in the U S are works in translation.

The best translated book award ceremony will be held at Washington Mews. This event will be conducted as a part of The Literary Mews, which is a new component to the PEN World Voices Festival.

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