Someone Like You- Nikita Singh and Durjoy Datta

Publisher: Metro Reads
ISBN : 9780143417699

Someone Like YouSomeone Like You is a powerful and touching story of friendship, love and betrayal. The nerdy Niharika entered into college with more confident and more attractive. The sweet,shy Tanmay and the lovely Pia are also in the college campus. These three of them become close friends. Life seemed to be falling in place when she began dating with Akshat.

Akshat’s perfection seemed like a front for something dark and sinister. Tanmays success in football had begun to change him. Their college senior Karthik, his aggressiveness was a cover for his mysterious past.
Nikita Singh born in Patna and grewup in Indore pursued her degree in Pharmacy .Later she entered into the world of writing with friend, Durjoy Datta. Her works include Love@Facebook and Accidentally in Love, I Didn’t and If It’s Not Love (with Nikitha Singh).
Durjoy Datta born and brought up in Delhi and has an engineering degree from Delhi College of engineering and management. In 2011 he was recognized as one of two young achievers in the field of Media and Communication by Whistling Woods International. His bestsellers include Of Course I LoveYou! You Were My Crush!, She Broke Up, I Didn’t and If Its Not Love ( with Nikitha Singh).


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